Bill Kelley

Profile Updated: January 15, 2009
Residing In: Montclair, VA
Spouse/Partner: Cricket
Occupation: retired
Children: Walter, born 1969; Don born 1973
Military Service: Air Force

Went into Air Force and lived in Germany where I met my wife (she is from Oregon), a teacher for military children. Had 4th year in Air Force at Tampa. Moved to Atlanta area where I worked with Travelers Insurance Domapany in administration for nearly 3 years. Then started with the American Heart Association where I stayed for 30 years recruiting, training and working volunteers in public education and service (blood pressure screenings, CPR training, nutrition, healthy living, and in that necessary evil- fund raising). My wife and I are now both retired. Cricket has just finished one year of chemo from ovarian cancer and is now in remission. We love being married to each other, camping, music, traveling, being active in our Methodist church and as a very active Gideon and an Auxiliary. Our boys are happily married and have 3 and 2 children. Our oldest is in Northern Virginia as a government IT specialist and our younger one is at Warner Robins Air Froce Base 1 1/2 hours north of us and a major and, like his brother, is an IT specialist.

School Story:

I especially liked my electronics class with Mr. Barringer. Building radios and other items. Also we had fun from time to time charging up small capacitors and catching someone in class on the back of the neck with a small surprise zap. It never hurt them but it sure did make them jump. Fortunately for Mr. Barrenger, anyone who tried doing it to him found that he had a very high resistance factor and it never bothered him.

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Bill Kelley has a birthday today.
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Happy Birthday Glenda. They are such nice things to be getting and super glad you and Bob are still able to have fun together. Am now selling my house to move in with my older son, Walter, in Northern VA when ever my house sells. It is a most ideal setup and the 3 teen girls can't wait and I am super blessed with a great daughter-in-law, Sarah. Also they have a fantastic very active mission minded church with strong and active laity leadership. So, here is also a most special wish for you two to also have a most Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Do you have a newer pix of you two for me to put up around my monitor? The one I have has a blue hat and a tan cap. Love, Bill

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Hi Ina May, Here's hoping you will have a great Birthday. I was at that reunion, the only one I was able to make. Got to see your video and am Most Impressed with the Good Sense of it versus what so many doctors want for their convenience. Well done. Hope you are doing well now. I am doing much better now that I have my 2nd pacemaker with wires on both sides of my heart. The standard one just didn't work well on me at all and really ran me down hill. So ,much better to being feeling Good again. Sure hope you are also doing this well. Bill Kelley

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Bill and Cricket Kelley, church pix 2006
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At an Alaskan Indian village workshop