School Photos

Do you have a photo to share from school days? Send it to or and Bev/JoAnn will post.

Aladdin class play at Franklin

 Sally Preston, Ina May Middleton, Ivyl Todd, Jane Lynch, Nile Brennecke, ?, Jim Gilgen

2nd row: Ruth Brenner, Hunt, David Brainerd, JoAnn Ritland, Neah Evertsen, Burris Workman, Joanne Johnson.

Back Row: Marilyn Gooding, Rita Petersen, Judy Weaver, Mis Corkery, David Hemphill, ?, Bryan Cole, Peggy Brainerd



Who knows these girls?



Jean Eichorn is on the left. JoAnn thinks the others are: Lorraine Kuhlman, Joanne Johnston, Ruth Brenner and Janice Harvey. Then we heard from Ina May that is it not Jan Harvey on the right but is Pauline Dutton, who lived a block away from her and she remembers her well.



 Photo below sent by Jan (Rex) Mather: Arnold School, 1st Grade


Allan Rudison says: Sandra Glans is 2nd from the left in the first row; Maris Collins is 3rd from the left in the first row with a watch on, perhaps a fake watch. Gary McCormick is on my left & Dick Horton is in the back row, first from the left.

If anyone know for sure who the question marks are, let us know.