Elmwood Country Club was home to many high school proms and reunion gatherings!
We had a picnic menu with perfect fried chicken and all the trimmings. Thanks to
Chef Kurt and staff.
(Bev requests help with names to go with pictures. Send to bev@sitesandsounds.com)

Bev Wilcox Collins '58 gets the wifi connection to connect Ward Brimmer in Georgia.

Ward Brimmer '56 (on monitor) visits with Bev Wilcox Collins '58 and Barb Burnham
Paxson '56 via Messenger. Ward got to visit with many of the reunion attendees during
the Mixer and Elmwood events.

Thanks to Charlene Hayne Holabird '52 for taking over Saturday night MC!

High School Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte '81 informed us about life in high
school today.

Barb Burnham Paxson '56 takes the mic. Thanks, Barb, for all the behind the scenes work
you did as a committee member. Taking the registrations, making the name tags, 
countless trips to Marshalltown to set events up, decorations, Lillie Mae souvenir boxes,
the pine float, and more.

David Hansen shares his thoughts about his great class of '59. Thanks to Dave for his
committee work too!

Bob Norris '56 retells how great the class of '56 was with the state championship team.
And, of course, this was the year Jean Seberg graduated. Classmates got to peruse
through the memorabilia on the Seberg memory table.

Pearl Schaper Ferneau represented the year 1950. We sang Happy Birthday to Pearl
in honor of her 90th birthday.

Art Buchwald tells about class of '54.

JoAnn Ritland Butcher '58, Charlie Butcher '55, ..., and Art Buchwald '54.

Phil Pattie took over as committee member for Dave Stover '53. Thanks Phil.

Phil Pattie '53 enjoyed poking some fun. Linda Lamer Dunn '58, Sandy Saccaro
Rusher '58, Karen Harris Pattie '59, Phil Pattie '53, Penny Proctor Augustine '58, Peggy
Buchwald Brainerd '58.

Oh yes, and there were stories of first kisses, last kisses, and crushes. Which were told
amid great laughter. Barb Burnham Paxson '56 and Bob Norris '56.

Jerry Abrahamson shared good memories of the class of '57.


Bev Wilcox Collins '58 remembers her class being sophomores in 1955. Elvis Presley
debuted on the Ed Sullivan show, and rock and roll were born. Plus we got to be a part
of the 1956 basketball state winning team celebrations.

Peggy Brainerd Buchwald '58 gave appreciation for the work of the committee.

Gary Loney '58 takes the mic.

Wally Junker, Dave Hansen '59, Jerry Abrahamson '57, Bonnie Burnham Nash '56,
Charlene Hayne Holabird '52, Jeannie Cook Garrington '58, Sandy Saccaro Rusher '58,
Peggy Brainerd Buchwald '58, Linda Lamer Dunn '58 seen in this pic.

I'm not sure what happened here, but everbody got a good laugh from Charlene Hayne
Holabird and Dave Hansen.

Joan Robertson Ballard, Sandy Saccaro Rusher, Karen Harris Pattie '59, Phil Pattie '53,
Peggy Brainerd Buchwald, Linda Lamer Dunn at the '58 table.

In picture: Stan Wooster '58, Jack Gooding '58, Rhonda Gooding and ?

Karen Harris Pattie '59 and ...

Harriet Tschudy Parrott '54 and ...

Charles Harvey '51 and Betsey McCalley '51.

Gary Loney '58, Burris Workman '58, Richard Loney '58, Renie Gummert Loney '58,
Larry Mick, Phyllis Gummert Mick '56, Reggie Beckman and Tim Merrill '58.

Harriet Tschudy Parrott '54, ..., ...

Phyllis Gummert Mick '56.

Bev Wilcox Collins visits with Ann McGregor Junker and husband Wally. Class of '58.

Burris Workman and Richard Loney, class of '58.

...Norma Turner Speer '53 and Bette Brennecke Stailey '53.

AJ Reem '53 and Barb Reem.

Joyce Nelson Birks '56 and Bev Bailey Kaufmann '55.

Hoot Niederhauser '58 and Barb Burnham Nash '58 in picture.

Wally Junker visits with Fred Barker '58.

Val Wilson '56, Marilyn Thiele Wilson '56 and ....

Chef Kurt catches Bev Wilcox Collins in the act.

Roy Bradbury '54 and Art Buchwald '54

Good times! Good memories! Thanks Ward for a great idea, and to everyone who came.