Mixer at Midnight Ballroom

The Midnight Ballroom was the scene of our big Friday night gathering. We were met
with a caution sign! (Bev asks everybody to help out with putting names to pictures or making 
corrections - please send changes to bev@sitesandsounds.com).

The young ladies in the picture are Bev Wilcox Collins' daughter Beth Haworth and Bev's
niece Deb Scafferi Rohne. Deb graduated from the new MHS; she is Barbara Wilcox
Scafferi's daughter, who was in MJC in 1955-56. Many people remember Barb for the
"Do You Remember" column in Marshalltown Past Times.

There was a lot of room to spread out at the Midnight Ballroom. 

The Midnight Ballroom is located in the old Hy-Vee grocery store mall on Center Street.

Mayor Joel Greer welcomed the Fabulous 50s reunion attendees back to Marshalltown.
See the Proclamation on the main Fab 50s page proclaiming September 24-26, 2021, 
Fabulous 50s Weekend! Judge Michelle Greer is in the background.

Bob Norris '56 presents the lighted Marshall County Courhouse model to the city. Thanks Bob
for MC Friday night and all the work you did on the committee, and for the Courthouse

Norma Turn Speer '53 and Charlene Hayne Holabird '52. Thanks for your work on the

Gary Bolar '60, Jerry Abrahamson '57, Mike Brimmer '58, and Hoot Niederhauser '58.

Classmates filling their plates at the delicious Taco Bar.

Larry Ferguson '57 and Pearl Schaper Ferneau '50 have a chat. 

Class of '58 enjoyed their time together. Sandy Saccaro Rusher, Penny Proctor Augustine,
Jeannie Cook Garrington, Ann McGregor Junker and husband Wally.

On the other side of the table - Linda Lamer Dunn '58, Charlie Butcher '55,
JoAnn Ritland Butcher '58, and Joan Robertson Ballard '58.

Barb Burnham Paxson '56 and Bev Wilcox Collins '58 online with Ward Brimmer, the
classmate of 1956 who had the idea of a class reunion of the 50s decade, then at the 
last minute was unable to attend.

Bev Wilcox Collins '58 sets Messenger up for Roy Bradbury '54 and Larry Ferguson '57
to have a chat with Ward Brimmer '56 in Georgia.

Roy Bradbury connects with Ward Brimmer in Georgia. Bummers! The man behind the 
idea of a 50s reunion, and 11/2 years of planning, was unable to join us in person, but
here he is live enjoying the goings on. Phil Pattie '53 is behind Roy.

Joel Greer, Darol Kaufman '53, Mary Pattie Wells '58, Marilyn Thiele Wilson '56,
and Phil Pattie '53.

Burris Workman '58 and Richard Loney '58.

Paul Anderson '53, a long-time Marshalltown supporter.

Barb Hart Funke '56 and Jane Collins Choulett '56. Jane came from furtherest away,
Berkeley, CA.

Judy Saunders Thorn '56 and Bob Thorn '56.

One Fabulous lady from the class of 1958 - Renie Gummert Loney.

Deb Rohne gets a hug from Pearl Schaper Ferneau '50.

Deb and Pearl.

Betsey McCalley and Charles Harvey '51. 

Phyllis Gummert Mick '56 and Helen Wallace Landis '56.

Barb Hart Funke '56 and Anita Ream '56.

Stan Wooster, Mike Brimmer, Hoot Niederhauser, all from class of 1958.

Fred Barker '58 and Linda Lamer Dunn '58 check out the Fabulous Fifties booklet put together
by Larry Ferguson '57. Thanks Larry!

Barbara Hart Funke '56, Mayor Joel Greer, and Anita Ream '56.

Harriet Tschudy Parrot '54, Roy Bradbury '54, Art Buchwald '54, Bev Bailey Kaufmann '55,
Joyce Nelson Birks '56, Sarah Hesmer and Ken Hesmer '55.

Darol Kaufmann '53, Charlene Hayne Holabird '52, and Dwayne Swartz.

Sandy Saccaro Rusher '58, Charlie Butcher '55, JoAnn Ritland Butcher '58, 
Joan Robertson Ballard '58, Penny Proctor Augustine '58.

Roy Bradbury '54 and Harriet Tschudy Parrot (Homecoming Queen '54)

Rhonda Gooding, Jack Gooding '59, ....

.... and Judy Saunders Thorn'56 and Bob Thorn '56.

Connie Kelso Calvitti '59 and ...

In picture far left: Connie Kelso, far right Val Wilson '56.

Barb Burnham Paxson '56 and Darol Kaufmann'53.

Sandy Saccaro Rusher, Charlie Butcher '55, Joan Ritland Butcher, Joan Robertson Ballard,
Penny Proctor Augustine. Class of '58.

Barb Ream, Anita Ream '56, Judy Saunders Thorn '56 and Bob Thorn '56.

Ward (Corky) Brimmer there by the grace of technology!