50th Reunion Pics


Class of 1958 
50th Class Reunion





    TOP 10 REASONS we are happy we attended!!!
**We did laugh, cry and reminisce with some of our OLDEST friends.
**We didn't care how old we were.
**Thrilled to see classmates even if it was their first reunion.
**We definitely rekindled and began new relationships.
**Expressed positive experiences we had in high
school, letting people know, everyday things
people did, some people carried in their hearts
for 50 years and had a chance to tell them.
**After 50 years, everyone looked wonderful.
**Our reunion WAS full of jovial reminiscing.
**The class picture turned out GREAT!!
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50-Year Class Reunion Picture

Seated on floor L-R: Mary Gail Noid, Donna Fugate, Janet Rogers, Deanna Dobson, Mary Pattie, Kaylene Gallentine, Renie Gummert, JoAnn Ritland
Row 1 chairs: Kay Richeson, Lonny Poland, Susan Smith, Roberta Hodgdon, Ann McGregor, Sharon Miller, Darlene Kruse, Janice Harvey, Donna Burgess, Sandra Spencer, Marilyn Kneeland
Row 2:  Peggy Brainerd, Doris Borton, Martha Ward, Stan Wooster, Kay Meldahl, Pat Twedt, Zelda Dannen, Marilyn Reisinger, Linda Lamer, Linda Momberg, Sandy Glans, Maris Colllins, Judy Weaver, Bev Benson, Marcia Davenport, Jeannie Cook, Joan Robertson, Bonnie Burnham, Sharon Ness, Karen Kralik
Row 3: Pat Barker, Nancy Yeager (behind Peggy), Lee Willim, Avonelle Smith, Dick Horton, Jean Peak (behind Stan), Dave Drew, Betty Pritchett (behind Linda Momberg), Jane Lynch, Ron D'Orazio, John Strever, Bev Wilcox, David Hemphill, Mimi Wolfe, Penny Proctor, Bob Mason, Dave Thomas
Row 4: Gary McCormack, Lenoard Schnathorst, Pat Dyrland, Richard Loney, Hal Loney, Gary Loney, Nancy Thomas, Dick Rhiner, Herb Long, Terry Wehrman, Dale Burkheimer, Nile Brennecke, Tim Merrill, Hoot Niederhauser, Mike Brimmer, Burris Workman


Thank you for sharing your photos of our 50th! 

Jeannie Cook Garrington, Marcia Davenport Ziel, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, 
Linda Momberg Praska, Peggy Brainerd Buchwald, and Burr Workman

Getting ready for class picture

Getting ready for class picture 2

Friday Night at the Regency 

Ready to "Let the Good Times Roll" at the Regency: Maris 
Collins Schad, Sandy  Glans Fritz, Donna White Davis, 
Caroline Shaw, and Janice Cramer Eggers

Linda and Gary McCormack and Donna Fugate Priester 

Penny Proctor Augustine, Joan Robertson Ballard,
Jeannie Cook Garrington  

Dale Burkheimer, Terry Wehrman, John Strever, 
Helen Strever, Karl Rinehart

Dave and Shirley Hemphill

Sharon Miller Miller and husband Marvin Miller

Beverly Benson Post, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Sharon Miller
Miller, Betty Pritchett Zern, Linda Momberg Praska, and 
Butch Post

Jeannie Cook Garrington's daughter Tammy and husband
Paul Schaefer

Kay Richeson Nott, Sandra Spencer Deahl, 
Doris Borton Strohman

Jeannie Cook Garrington and Darlene Kruse Conard

Jack Knappen, Marilyln Kneeland, Barbara Doll Knappen,
Darlene Kruse Conard

Gary McCormack, Nancy Thomas Lowe-Gildner,
Hoot Niederhauser

Brian Cole, Charley  Butcher, and Burris Workman

Linda Momberg Praska, Betty Pritchett Zern, 
Linda Lamer Dunn - Looks like a good story

Dick Horton, Mary Pattie Wells, Avonelle Smith 
Ebersole, Susan Smith Mason

Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Sharon Ness Arment

Sandy Glans Fritz, Maris Collins Schad, 
Jeannie Cook Garrington, Joan Robertson Ballard

Chuck and Sharon Eckles

Dick Rhiner and Joan Roberton Ballard

Sharon Ness Arment, Pauline Dutton White, Caroline Shaw

Jeannie Cook Garrington and David Thomas

Lee Willim and Avonelle Smith Ebersole

Karen Kralik and Marilyn Reisinger Willits

Nancy Thomas Lowe-Gildner, Mimi Wolfe Lamson

Linda Lamer Dunn, Marilyn Reisinger Willits, 
and Susan Smith Mason

Burr Workman, Jeannie Cook Garrington

Mike Brimmer, David Thomas, Sonny Finch

Jeannie Cook Garrington and Marcia Davenport Ziel

Peggy Brainerd Buchwald

John Strever

The two Pats - Dyrland and Barker

Penny Proctor Augustine, Jeannie Cook Garrington, 
Mimi Wolfe Lamson

Barb and Ron Dorazio

Betty Pritchett Zern and Gary Sleege

Ron D'Orazio and Jan Harvey Thake

Sharon McKibben Eckles and Chuck,  and ...

Bonnie Burnham Nash, in background Jeannie Cook 
Garrington, Barbara Burnham Paxson, Karen Bousum Antle

Jeannie Cook Garrington, Sandy Glans Fritz,
Maris Collins Schad

Brian Cole

Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Larry Johnson, Susan and 
Lonny Poland, Stan Wooster in background

Marilyn Kneeland

Nile Brennecke

Dave Hemphill and Dale Ballard

Bev Benson Post, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Sharon Miler
Miller, Betty Pritchett Zern, Linda Momberg Praska,
Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch

Dick Horton, Mary Pattie Wells, Avonelle Smith, Ebersole,
Susan Smith Mason

John Strever and Shim Krantman

Burris Workman and Terry Wehrman

Gary McCormack

Judy Weaver Meyer and Mary Pattie Wells, Susan Smith 
Mason in background far right

Doris Borton Strohman and Kay Richeson Nott

Darlene Kruse Conard and guest Keith Strandberg

Sharon Miller Miller and Betty Pritchett Zern

Penny Proctor Augustine and Keith Augustine, Hal and 
Nice' Loney, Susan Poland in front

Hoot Niederhauser

Dave Hemphill and wife Shirley, Hal and Janet Rogers Walter

Pat Barker

Mimi Wolfe Lamson, Kay Meldahl Luthans, 
Bev Wilcox Collins

David Thomas and wife Diane

Martha Ward Boyer (Donna Fugate at left)

Donna Fugate Priester

Judy and Herb Long 

Leonard Schnathorst and Kaylene Gallentine Rinehart

Kay Richeson Nott reminds us of the way we were

Larry Johnson shows off pictures of niece Shawn Johnson

Bev Benson Post, Sharon Miller Miller, Linda Momberg 
Praska, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Betty Pritchett Zern,
Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch 


Hoot Niederhauser, Mar cia Davenport Ziel, Mike Brimmer

Jeannie Cook Garrington and Barbara Burnham Paxson 

Bev Benson Post, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Roberta
Hodgdon Mauksch

Maris Collins Schad, Sandy Glans Fritz, Jeannie Cook
Garrington, Joan Robertson Ballard

Jane Lynch Bauer

Joanne Cook Speer and Kent Loney helped us out by 
registering classmates and passing out nametags

Larry Johnson and Vicky

David Drew, Nile Brennecke, Dick Horton

Donna Burgess See

Pauline Dutton White and Judy Weaver Meyer

Vicky and Shim Krantman, and Jerry Wheeler

Mimi Wolfe Lamson and Jeannie Cook Garrington

Stan Wooster, Bev Wilcox Collins, and Jane Lynch Bauer

Dorothy and Gary Sleege, and Dale Burkheimer


Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Linda Lamer Dunn on left,
Susan Smith Mason, Avonelle Smith Ebersole on right

Judy Weaver Meyer and Sharon Ness Arment

Pauline Dutton White

Fred and Kay Meldahl Luthans, Mary Gail Noid Bauer, 
Jane Lynch Bauer, Lee Willim

Kay Meldahl Luthans, Mary Gail Noid Bauer, 
Jane Lynch Bauer

Maris Collins Schad

Bench Dedication at Miller

Gift from the Class of '58 

Peggy Brainerd Buchwald gifts the bench to Pat Hemming

Judy Weaver Meyer and Sharon Ness Arment organized
the Maidrite Tour

Donna Fugate Priester and husband Joe try out the 
new bench

Stan Wooster tries out the bench; behind him 
Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Peggy Brainerd Buchwald,
Jeannie Cook Garington

Janet Rogers Walter and Jeannie Cook Garrington

Jack & Barbara Doll Knappen, Wally & Ann McGregor Junker

Leonard Schnathorst, Gary and Dorothy Sleege, Sharon 
Ness Arment

Janet Rogers Walter (back right) looks at Dale Burkheimer's 
coin collection. In foreground are Barbara Burns Brindle, 
Jeannie Cook Garrington and her daughter Tammy

Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch tells about her boutique designs 
to Donna Fugate Priester and Mary Gail Noid Bauer

Left to right: Jeannie Cook Garrington, Joe Priester (Donna 
Fugate Priester's husband), Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Mary 
Gail Noid Bauer, Martha Ward Boyer, Jan Harvey Thake

Zelda Dannen Vry, Pat Tweed Meyers, Karen Kralik, 
Marilyn Kneeland, Judy Weaver Meyer

Starting from back: Maris Collins Schad, John Strever, Herb 
Long, Terry Wehrman, Janet Rogers Walter, Mary Gail Noid

Marcia Davenport Ziel, Mimi Wolfe Lamson,
Kay Meldahl Luthans

Hal and Nice' Loney, Donna Fugate Priester

Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Keith Strandberg, 
Darlene Kruse Conard, Hal Loney

JoAnn Ritland Butcher and Charley Butcher

Pat Hemming (Marshalltown School System), Pat Barker,
Rhiner, Barb D'Orazio

Doris Borton Strohman, Barbara Burns Brindle, 
Donna Burgess See

Dennis Collins and Bevery Wilcox Collins

Dale Burkheimer

Saturday night at Elmwood Country Club

Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch,
Bev Wilcox Collins and Linda Momberg Prasaka -  
Welcome Home!

Kaylene Gallentine Rinehart looks for nametag

Marcia Davenport Ziel and Jeannie Cook Garrington

Dinner at the Elmwood Country Club

Dave Hemphill, Nile Brennecke, Herb Long, Terry Wehrman,
Bob Mason, John Strever,
Lee Willim

Pam and Hoot Niederhauser

Centerpiece of memories - designed by Kaylene

Mimi Wolfe Lamson, Bonnie Burnham Nash,
Hoot Niederhauser

In Memory - 35 of our classmates

Mantel Decoration

Jane Lynch Bauer tells about Then and Now

Smitty and Nuala were the Entertainment DJs

Herb and Judy Long

Cleo and Bob Mason

Penny Proctor Augustine, Joan Robertson Ballard,
Jeannie Cook Garrington

Linda Momberg Praska, Marvin Miller (Sharon Miller's 
husband), Bev Benson Post and hu
sband Claude,
Betty Pritchett Zern

Deanne Dobson Pulver and Bonnie Burnham Nash

Judy Weaver Meyer, Betty Pritchett Zern, 
Avonelle Smith Ebersole

Sylvia and Lee Willim

Helen and John Strever

Kay Richeson Nott and Lonny Poland

Bev Benson Post and husband Claude Post

Bonnie Burnham Nash and Marcia Davenport Ziel

Mimi Wolfe, Bonnie Burnham Nash, Hoot Niederhauser, 
Jeannie Cook Garrington

Penny's husband (Keith Augustine), Jeannie and Marcia sang 
the last song of the night 

Tremont on Main Sunday Brunch!

Maris Collins Schad, Jan Elledge (Maris' sisteer), Pat Barker, 
Sandy Glans Fritz, Martha Ward Boyer

Donna Fugate Priester

Peggy Brainerd Buchwald, Judy Weaver Meyer, Pat Barker

Peggy Brainerd Buchwald, Doris Borton Strohman, Donna's niece, 
Donna Burgess See, Derik See, Sandra Spencer Deahl

Ron and Barb D'Orazio, Wally and Ann McGregor Junker

Sandy Glans Fritz and Maris Collins Schad

Jane Lynch Bauer and Tim Merrill

Ron and Barb D'Orazio, Pat Barker, Bev Wilcox Collins  

Still partying the night after!

Jeannie Cook Garrington, Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch, Marcia
Davenport Ziel, JoAnn Ritland Butcher



Welcome Home signs on the Best Western Regency Marquis and at the entrance to the reunion gathering room greeted classmates coming to Friday night's 50th Reunion gathering. (Thanks Kaylene Gallentine Rinehart for beautiful signage and decorations with help from Linda Lamer Dunn.) Kent Loney and Jeannie Cook Garrington's sister Joanne greeted the guests. Bobcat logo nametags with graduation picture (created by JoAnn Ritland Butcher) helped us recognize each other, some of whom we hadn't seen for 50 years! We were happy to see classmates from near ... Zelda Dannen Vry from State Center ... and far ... Bob and Cleo Mason from Hawaii. Marcia Davenport Ziel made sure there were plenty of snacks on hand. Sharon Ness Arment took over 100 pictures (see them at the link mentioned at top of page), as did others who have shared with us for this page.

Bev Wilcox Collins welcomed everybody, but most were too busy talking to each other to stop their conversations - having way too much fun, and the planning committee wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

About 9:15 Jane Lynch Bauer announced departure for Zeno's, where we packed the place with bodies, conversation, smiles, and laughter. Thanks, Jane, for pulling a few strings to keep Zeno's open just for us.

Larry Johnson proudly showed off pictures of his niece, Iowa's Olympic Champion Shawn Johnson.

Saturday morning found some classmates at the golf course playing golf and pranks like blocking the hole cup, accoring to our observant organizer Joan Robertson Ballard, but fun was had by all.

Dick and Deanna Rhiner brought a much looked at memories book.

Late morning we met at our MHS (now Miller Middle School) for dedication of a gift from the Class of '58 to the school, a handsome black wrought iron bench placed adjacent to the entrance we used. Avonelle Smith Ebersole introduced Pat Hemming from the school, and Peggy Brainerd Buchwald spoke for the class in dedicating our gift to Miller. Thanks to Avonelle and Peggy for bringing the bench project to fruition so we could have the dedication this day.

Some of us were outside as most of the group entered the school and were caught by surprise by a spontaneous singing of our school song. Pat gave us a tour through the school, helped by classmate Stan Wooster who taught at Miller for 32 years. Out of town classmates especially enjoyed the maidrite lunch, for how can that be skipped on any revisit to the old stomping grounds?

Several classmates brought memorabilia to share, hobbies and interests. We enjoyed Herb Long's Pebbles and clippings, Dale Burkheimer's coin collection and hole in one trophy, Roberta Hodgdon Mauksch's unique hand-crafted accessories, Ann McGregor Junker's scrapbooks, and more. Thanks to Sharon Ness Arment and Judy Weaver Meyer for taking charge of this event and the good guys who helped carry in and out for them.

Herb Long wondered if this jacket would be remembered by anyone? (Are you kidding?!)

At Elmwood Country Club, JoAnn Butcher had picture name tags prepared for everyone plus telephone/address/email books and placemats with pictures of our schools and favorite places. Kaylene and her committee had the room decorated in red and blue, and on each table was a centerpiece collage of our high school hangouts. The island buffet dinner was colorful, delicious, and plentiful, planned by Marcia Davenport Ziel with assistance from Jane Lynch Bauer and Jeannie Cook Garrington. Jeannie also did the accounting for our reunion and gift monies.

Our MC, Jane Bauer, reminisced about where we were when, how far we've come, and the value of classmate friends from our school years to applause and a standing ovation. Peggy Brainerd Buchwald graced us with a beautiful invocation and tribute to our 35 deceased classmates. Thanks to Stan Wooster on behalf of our classmates for thanking committee members for making our 50th a reunion to remember. Charley Butcher and Claude Post snapped our class picture, and we were ready for DJ dancing and entertainment of Smitty and Nuala to songs of our times. A few night-owl classmates stayed 'till the last song and made a circle, swaying to the music. Hoot Niederhauser laughed that we should have started the evening this way.

The going away brunch at Tremont Inn on Main on Sunday was a last chance to talk to those we hadn't spent time with, or to be with friends for a few more hours. JP and Jennifer Howard took good care of us with menu and service.

One question on many people's minds was: Will there be a next reunion?... and please don't wait 10 years. So if the rivers don't rise and the sun keeps on shining, we plan to see you again in 2013 - or maybe before!

On the Friday before the reunion, Ann McGregor Junker had been excited and anxiously awaiting the start, but also worried that nothing could fulfill her expectations. We watched Ann enjoy right along with all our classmates, partners, and guests for the 3 days. The planning committee glowed with your many compliments, good remarks, and letters/emails we received afterwards. But YOU ... you made it all worthwhile. Watching the wonderful time you all had was even greater than our hopes and expectations as we planned for the year and a half prior to the reunion. It was a reminder of what a great bunch of kids we had the privilege of going to school with, and what wonderful adults you have become.

Classmates who planned the reunion were: jeannie Cook Garrington, Joan Robertson Ballard, Peggy Brainerd Buchwald, JoAnn Ritland Butcher, Kaylene Gallentine Rinehart, Sharon Ness Arment, jane Lynch Bauer, Mrcia Davenport Ziel, Linda Lamer Dunn, Avonelle Smith Ebersole, Judy Weaver Meyer, karen Kralik, and Bev Wilcox Collins.

 Several classmates have asked if we plan to keep the class website. You bet! We have enjoyed hearing many stories of classmates reconnecting ... and even connecting for the first time through the website. It's a great tool for reunion planing too, as we can download your current address, phone number and email right off the site (so please update your profile on occasion!)



When we graduated in 1958

Life lay before us,
There was so much to do.
The world was ours to conquer and explore
When we left Marshalltown High School’s door.

There were jobs to be found
Further education to be had,
And someday becoming Moms and Dads.
Some chose to travel many miles away
For others, this was the place to stay.

Some may have accomplished
Most of the things they had planned
And think life has been just grand.
While in other lives
Many changes had to be made,
We had to make lots of adjustments
Along life’s way.

But no matter what
As we gathered once more,
I’m sure we were glad
We’ve made it this far.
As we renewed old acquaintances
And talked about the things we used to do,
We learned we are short a few.

Some have departed this life along the way
And were absent from our gathering day.
Now as their names are read
Some will remember things
That they did or said.

So let us live our lives
Mindful of the things we say and do,
For the next one missing
Might be me or you.