Fab 50s! Survey

Hello 1958 Classmates from admins Bev and JoAnn:

Admins from the MHS classes of the 50s got together to plan a Fabulous 50s party for next summer. Each class will plan and have its own get-togethers, other interest events will be planned for anyone to participate, and on Saturday night it will be a big 50s Bash! How about it? Are you in?

If you are interested in keeping up to date on the plans, please respond to the survey (Fab 50s!) in the left side navigation. We will put you on the Yes/maybe list and keep you up to date. We think this could be lots of fun + having our own private class reunion!

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1)   Would you like to be placed on the "Keep Me Informed!" list for the Fab 50s party planned for June 25-26, 2021?

Yes No
Respond YES if you are interested. If you are not interested, it is ok to not respond.
2)   How likely are you to come to Marshalltown for this event next June, providing you are in good health and covid restrictions have been removed?

  Very likely to come
  Somewhat likely to come
  Unsure, but keep me informed
3)   Which events are you interested in attending?

  MHS 1958 class get-togethers
  Saturday night at the Country Club
  Jean Seberg event
  Tours (old/new high school, Library
  '56 Basketball Championship victory
  Sunday morning brunch send-off